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Choreographer, Researcher, Teacher, Change-Maker


'If I had to summarise my work in one word, it would be connection.' 

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Edited Image 2016-02-17 23-14-40
Study of Body in Space presented at Milan Design Week  

Review of Spun Through Shadows@ The Place

by Jospehine Liesk


'A visceral portrayal of Carl Jung’s notion of The Shadow!'


'As the violinist walks onto the darkened stage to join the other players...we know that Spun Through Shadows will be a work of intensity and intrigue...'

Success at Turner Contemporary with Alumni
            Project 'What's Mine What's Shared'                   
New music video choreographed for Ashley Henry 'The World Is Yours' directed by Ruby Brown

In 2018 I embarked on a part-time PhD exploring Immersion, choreography and decolonisation. Find out more about my practice here. 

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