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I feel a bit late to my own research blog party as. I've actually been undertaking a part time PhD for the past three years. Next month marks the halfway point and in theory the term I undertake my 'major review' - I see this as PhD 'coming of age ceremony' where you pass from the Mphill stage to the Dphill one, where there is some level of confidence that your research has what it takes to be published as a doctorate.

In an effort to embody all aspects of my research a little more, instead of occupying an external observatory position from the borders, I have decided to start a weekly blog as part of my practice. I am attempting to place some of my own personal thoughts and reactions into the writing process instead of solely foregrounding the views and ideas of the many wonderful researchers and writers working in the fields of critical phenomenology, dance, indigenous theory etc.

Researching is a process but a PhD is a product.

Or is it?

About 2 years ago I made a decision - it wasn't a particularly conscious decision and it was bound up in lots of other complex thoughts regarding my choreographic career.

I didn't want to make fixed products, which to me were 'shows' any more. The workshop model, the guidance model, the facilitation framework began to have significantly more allure. I think because I wanted to be part of a movement, a movement with or through.

What started as a fascination with making an immersive dance show has now became a desire to understand the very make up of immersion - to understand how to create a particular embodied sensation or affect in an imaginative, respectful and inclusive way.

I'm beginning to understand that immersion is not a product as well. It is a process, one of many processes, towards connection and community.


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