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Arlecchino invites the audience into an intimate moment backstage, usually obscured from sight, when actor evolves from themselves into their character, becoming Harlequin.

Performed at:

Trinity Laban 2012

TripSpace Projects 2014

Performers: Ester Braga (2012) Marie Michele Tessier (2014) 


Arlecchino Is a piece of promenade dance theatre for one performer. 


Originally inspired by Commedia Del Arte, Arlecchino draws stimulus from the medieval belief that a man wearing a mask, could not bear arms as he was seento have given up his identity thus deemed irresponsible for his own actions. 


Arlecchino gives the audience a glimpse of the transition that is usually kept behind the curtain creating a sense of invasion on that incredibly intimate and vulnerable and liminal momentbetween an actor shedding their own identity 

and putting on their mask.

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